Our Strategy

  • Personalized, predictive, preventive, and participative healthcare

  • molecular and genetic diagnostic product localization and development of a regional laboratory network;

  • operational concessions for regional hospitals and primary care facilities;

  • integrated P4 chain of diagnostics and ambulatory care, healthy lifestyle and rehabilitation services, high-tech medical care guaranteed for chronic diseases;

  • long term medical insurance product for P4 persistent followers;

  • facility to promote and support export of healthcare services by Russian healthcare service providers

  • sourcing professional skilled staff through partnerships with public medical research institutes and universities;

  • leveraging investment capacity and management know-how through operating concessions or restructuring of public healthcare entities into autonomous institutions to enhance quality and efficiency of public services;

  • investing in equipment renewal through leasing, limited exposure to capital construction projects;

  • making investment base case scenario based on demand funded by public healthcare insurance program;

  • engaging medical device manufacturers into long term cooperation

  • making P4 healthcare more affordable by local development of medical devices and packaging P4 service offer with sales of long term durable capital goods.

Our initiatives correspond to Presidential Decree No. 204 of May 7, 2018 on national development goals for the period up to 2024.


Our team has long-term experience in civil service, having worked at the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Federal Service on Surveillance in Health Care and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Russia’s Federal Medical and Biological Agency, healthcare management bodies in the constituent territory of the Russian Federation, and federal healthcare organizations.