Debt Financing

InfraKAP assists to attract debt financing for a governmental unit or its subordinate organizations or autonomous institutions, which can act as bond issuers and use the opportunities provided by the bond market without increasing the government’s public debt levels.


The direct connection between such borrowing entities and the flow of funds makes them attractive for lenders. The opportunity to fund the project on the principles of project finance provides for the credit quality.

Our consultant will find the optimal financing structure given organization’s actual financial position and provide support to attract bond financing:
  • legal and financial due diligence;
  • an analysis of business’ technical and functional aspects; technological and operational frameworks;
  • review and/or design of business model to participate in infrastructure development
  • the development of a program for attracting external finance
  • the identification of optimal debt instruments and risk matrix design
  • market analysis, preliminary negotiations with potential providers of capital grant/tax exemption
  • action plan development
  • legal support for obtaining borrower status (basic document changes, institution type etc.)
  • in-house documentation preparation
  • negotiations with rating agencies
  • issuance support and disclosure help
  • marketing management
  • bond offering support