Infrastructure advisory service

Infrakap Consulting provides overall preparation for the implementation of transport infrastructure projects.

Depending on the set goals and tasks in hand, Infrakap Consulting develops the following types of transport models: micro-, meso-, macro- and LUTI (Land-Use-Transport Interaction) models:

  • Development of transport models for traffic management purposes (micromodeling of road intersections, streets, parking spaces, etc.);
  • Implementation of projects for analyzing and upgrading transport systems of constituent entities and urban agglomerations (Program for Integrated Development of Transport Infrastructure, Integrated Traffic Management Scheme and Integrated transport Service Organization Scheme);
  • Carrying out economic surveys for transport complex facilities (creating transport models for design and construction of highways (pre-design stage, territory planning project and design);
  • Supporting the results of transport modeling at the studying stage in Glavgosexpertiza’s agencies;
  • Development of a forecast model of income from using transport infrastructure on a paid basis, including with the aim of fundraising under the PPP model;
  • Expertise of transport modeling results, earlier performed by third-party companies;
  • Carrying out R&D works in terms of transport modeling (development of regulatory documents, SNiPs, company standards, etc.);
  • Development of LUTI models – tools of calculating prices for local real estate (residential and non-residential stock), including cadastral values and its maintenance cost, forecasting the level of local housing improvement.

Infrakap Consulting prepares feasibility study and pre-investment feasibility study for infrastructure projects, including:

  • Engineering survey;
  • Opinion on composition of land plots;
  • Optional engineering study of route traffic;
  • Basic design solutions (including configuration of crossroads, pavement structures, man-made structures design);
  • Basic engineering solutions for Intelligent Transport Systems;
  • Bills of volume and cost of works;
  • Construction schedules;
  • Capital cost certification;
  • Operating cost certification.

Infrakap Consulting develops financial and economic study and business plans for implementation of infrastructure investment projects, including:

  • Study of financial and property schemes to implement a project;
  • Assessment of the social and economic, commercial and budgetary efficiency of a project;
  • Analysis of a project investment environment;
  • Tax and accounting environment of a project;
  • Creation of a project financial model;
  • Construction of a risk matrix, risk management.

Moreover, Infrakap Consulting offers financial support for a project at the stage of competitive selection, holding of a tender and financial closure.

Infrakap Consulting provides comprehensive legal support aimed at implementation of public-private partnership (PPP) projects, including:

  • Development of organizational and legal schemes;
  • Preparing of draft investment / concession / operator agreements;
  • Development of draft tender documentation;
  • Support of a project road-show.

Moreover, Infrakap Consulting offers legal support for a project at the stage of tender preparation, competitive selection, holding of a tender and financial closure.

Infrakap Consulting provides comprehensive technical support of infrastructure projects, including:

  • Development of territory planning projects;
  • Design and survey works;
  • Expertise of design solutions;
  • Construction control;
  • Author’s supervision;
  • Provision of independent engineers’ services;
  • Technology and price audit;
  • • Design of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS), Automatic Traffic Control System (ATCS), Toll Collection Systems (TCS).

Moverover, Infrakap Consulting offers technical support for a project at the stage of tender preparation, competitive selection, holding of a tender and financial closure.

  • Determining the optimum capital structure:
    • Monitoring of equity capital markets and debt capital markets;
    • Scenario analysis in the form of a multilevel matrix that unites performance criteria for all groups of project participants;
    • Determining the capital structure based on the project financial performance indicators, equally taking into account performance for all of its participants.
  • Search for investors:
    • Studying the capital market to find creditors and investors;
    • Negotiating with potential creditors and investors.
  • Transaction structuring:
    • Establishing fundraising conditions, taking into account parties’ specific features and restrictions related to making and executing of the agreement, recommendations for their minimization;
  • Support of transactions at all stages:
    • Financial closure, including support of signing agreements for attracting own and loan-based finds (including transactions for purchase and sale of shares);
    • Providing consulting for the client to complete the transaction.
  • Preparing the regulations for the provision of other inter-budget transfers under infrastructure projects;
  • Preparing methods for assessing and ranking of infrastructure projects for the provision of other inter-budget transfers.