Unsolicited proposal

— preliminary negotiations with authorities, assessment of available information— identification of project participants, evaluation of public party’s mandate
— preparation of basic financial and legal models (capital expenditure evaluation, revenue forecast, ownership structure, legal status etc.)

— a project’s technical and economic structure (technical-and-economic indexes, revenue forecast,  pre-design concept, cost breakdown and schedule, etc.)
— a project’s financial structure (cash flow patterns, financial model with necessary assumptions, payment capabilities, structure and sources of finance)
— a project’s legal structure (optimal legal model, contractual structure, tax optimization,)
— a risk matrix

  • negotiations with entities that may provide capital grant
  • negotiations with necessary project sponsors other than client
  • ensuring indicative financing terms and conditions

— drafting agreements (concession agreement, PPP agreement, any other agreements depending on the project’s optimal legal model)
— drafting suggested terms of tender procedure
— drafting suggested terms of necessary project approvals
— corporate management procedures (for special purpose vehicle)

— procedural advice (decisions on agreement feasibility, negotiations, official publication, contracting decisions, agreement execution)
— negotiations with public partners
— assistance with the final framework agreement’s development and its execution

— preparing/commenting on the financial documents (direct agreement, facility agreement, sponsor support agreement, security documentation)
—bond issuance modelling and coordination (the development of issuance documentation and other relevant documents)
— negotiations with providers of capital grant, advice on the fulfillment of financial close terms
— assistance in signing financial documents