Our strategy

Our focus

The development of federal and regional roads in the area adjacent to Europe – Western China international transport route (hereinafter referred to as EWC route)

Our investment priorities

  • Federal and regional toll road availability payment or minimal revenue guaranteed concessions
  • Long term maintenance of the regional network on the basis of availability payment concessions
  • Roadside service facilities
  • Logistic centers

Our approach

  • investing in portfolio of projects at different stages of investment cycle;
  • participation in project development since early phase, including investing in unsolicited proposal development;
  • using proprietary expertise in investment analysis of projects including independent assessment of traffic forecast and project costs;
  • nurturing project partnerships with Russian and international top transport construction and operator companies to identify critical technical and customer service  value adding opportunities;
  • structuring project companies in accordance with risk allocation among key project sponsors and not favoring any particular value creation driver.


EWC route is being constructed under the agreement between Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. It  is the largest international infrastructure project in the Russian Federation. The construction of the road between Saint Petersburg and Moscow will be finished in 2018. The stretch between Moscow and the Kazakh border will cost ~ 700 billion rubles and will begin construction in 2019 and run till 2024. It is included into the National plan for the transport infrastructure development of 2019-2024. Avtodor, the state toll road company, is in charge of this project. Regional approaches and projects related to the EWC are the regional authorities’ responsibility.